Moved in!

This must be our final move! We've designed our very own compact Willy Wonka Chocolate factory! Apart from being a tad short on storage space it's great! Air-conditioning keeps the place at the right temperature for chocolate and the commute to work (as I'm now at the bottom of the garden) is a doddle! the saving on rent means I can invest more in what we do best, chocolates! The place is big enough to hold exclusive workshops for small groups, have business meetings and make and store our beloved creations! Customers can come in by appointment but far more orders are online now and delivery and postage isn't a problem. Anyway, bye for now real chocolate lovers and why not treat yourselves or others to some chocolates. Our new guilt free, sugar free chocolates are selling and going down very well. It's hard to believe something that tastes so good can be good for you. IT's 83% pure cocoa mixed with stevia, dietary fibre and vanilla so what's not to like! All the best, Mick


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